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New innovative AI
Revolutionary Generative AI for businesses
Updated 16/12/2023

The artificial intelligence technology based on generative artificial intelligence developed by Oracle and its partner Cohere is revolutionizing application development.
Generative AI for companies - what does it mean?
We have admired the fantastic ability of artificial intelligence, more precisely generative AI (= new creative artificial intelligence) to give stylishly formulated answers to complex questions. ChatGPT or similar based on generative AI can, for example, provide an estimate for the EU and China about the development of national economies in the next ten years, write a business-style email, etc.
Generative AI excels in feedback based on LLM (Large Language Model) models. That AI has been taught a massive amount "exercises". The created text is mostly easy to read and detailed. Of course, it's clever and cinematic. But more is needed in business.
The downside of generative AI is that the feedback produced is limited to the data included in the "trained" model. The information can be weeks, months or even years old and even sometimes complete rubbish. The information is also not very specific because it lacks - the most important - i.e. company-specific information.
Answers that feel correct for the business of the company are therefore only of limited benefit. They do not contain any intended for internal company use, accurate and up-to-date information. For example, to the question asked in the rental application, "Estimate the surface area of the apartments rented by our company distribution in different residential areas in the next ten-year period, grouped by gender and age group of tenants" ChatGPT gives a long answer starting with "Unfortunately, I do not have access to the company ..."
RAG comes to the rescue
RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) provides a way to correct the shortcomings of Generative AI without interfering with the underlying model. Oracle and its partner Cohere developed unique technology that combines Generative AI and RAG, uses the company's own data warehouses. The information is also completely up-to-date, correct and error-free. Add to this that data can be at the same time in the database to process transparently as relational tables, JSON documents, text, vectors and IoT, we are talking about a decade of the biggest IT leap that leaves competitors far behind.
In Oracle's new database Oracle 23c Oracle generative AI optimized with RAG is already in use by developers. In the first half of 2024, the same technology will also be included in Oracle's Autonomous used by Diant database and Oracle Apex application developer.
How do our customers benefit from the above?
We have installed the new Oracle 23c database and the new Oracle Apex 23.2 application developer on our server. During 2024, we will add to all current and to our future Focusa software this new, revolutionary innovation. Application developer artificial intelligence and improved low-code thanks to the features, we are able to build our new software at the same time faster, more affordable and even greener than before.
The above is just the beginning of something much bigger. Oracle, as the only large IT company, also focuses on company-specific, for the development of local knowledge's artificial intelligence. Development in this field is blindingly fast, with Oracle holding the lead. By following these pages, you stay up-to-date.
Ask us for a presentation. If you want to deepen your knowledge about the new artificial intelligence technology, there are several links on the topic below. "Read more:"
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