Real Estate software is comprehensive


In this page we introduce you to our Focusa Real Estate softwares great features. If you liked to get a better understanding of our software, you may negotiate about a presentation with us or you coukd visit us here in Paimio, Finland.
Apartments and renting-areas
Real Estate software has all the information required for management of renting-areas, buildings and apartments. The information of tenants and landlords include in addition to basic facts also payers of rental, signatories etc.
Rental contracts and leases
Software has resident application- and selection modules. System can produce, leases- and billing information, and calculate rental targets for months or for years to come, taking into account special reimbursements and index adjustments.
Great graphs and reports
Versatile, easily editable statistics, charts and reports are one of Focusa software's stregths. After a little studying, you are able to create your own private or public statistics or reports.
Standard application program interface
Focusa Real Estate software has application program interface for Tekla's Trimble Locus database and CGI's financial system called 'Rondo' in Finland. The mainstream is, future information systems are made up of products from several suppliers working together through standard API's .
New, advanced Web architecture
Oy Dianti Ab uses Web-technology based on safe architecture, in which all application operations happen in a local network or in a cloud server on a mainframe. There only needs to be a browser on the user's workstation, that is connected to the mainframe.
Instant extension of the system
Adding a new workstation, office or a municipality data to the information system happends thanks to advanced Web architecture without delays. Flexible Real Estate software adapts well to for example to municipal merges or to various organizational changes.
Focusa Real Estate software is reliable
Real Estate software on your own local networks mainframe is safe from outside attacks. Also a Web application on a private- or community cloud is safe and reliable. Impartial research institutes, such as Gartner has repelled the apparent myth of cloud services being unsafe.
Effective and inexpensive
Thanks to a rapid development gap and the new, advanced web-architecture we can offer the Focusa software for a very inexpensive price while taking to a count our customers expectations. Focusa Web application is cost-effective.
Ready for the internet of things
A part of property, street, e.g. control is possible to perform with the internet of things (IoT). With the internet of things we can monitor housing temperatures, safety, mold content, garbage bins e.g. with different sensors (RFID e.g.). IoT is high on our company's priorities.
Sustainable development
Cloud servers can replace even thousands, usually underutilized mainframes and clearly use less energy, which to an increasing extent is renewable. Because of this choosing our application is also a environment act. Our information system frees up maintance staff to work at your organizations core activity.
Blue and white experience
Focusa Real Estate software is purely a Finnish product. We share our values with the esteemed institution of "Union of Finnish work" that the success of Finnish work is close to our heart.
Negotiate a time for a presentation with us.
We gladly liked to introduce you to our Focusa Real Estate software and tell about its advanced features. If you anytime happen to be in Finland near Turku town, you are welcome to visit our office. You can find our contact information at the "Contact information" tab on the left or here.