An information system is generated from interfaces

Designing an overall information management architecture.
Focusa web applications have a built-in REST interface "glue".
Data Lego Bricks
Each organization have to have an information system. The most basic system works with pen, paper and spreadsheet. More advanced the option is a system acquired from one supplier, where the components are presumably compatible. Both options are inflexible and may hamper the success of an enterprise. It also might be difficult to avoid the money swallowing  "vendor lock-in" .
The future information systems are made up of web applications of different vendors. They work together with standardized and interfaces like REST. Web applications can be in your local area network or on a remote server on cloud. So the creation of information systems resembles "Assembling Lego Bricks".
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Information system up-to-date

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Focusa web application's strength is in business intelligence.
We convert your time-consuming and resource-efficient old information system as a web application that complies with the general interface standard. Conversion pays itself back as rapidly decreasing costs, which are particularly significant in organizations with many offices.
Below are a few examples of resource-wasting systems and our solutions to reform them:
  • Current system: Most of the processing takes place on paper or word processing.
    Solution: We align the data with the Focusa database structure and build a web application based on it.
  • Current system: The data is stored manually, for example in spreadsheet calculation. The information is in many places, exposing them to errors.
    Solution: We create, in some cases almost automatically the corresponding web application.
  • Current system: An information system with a local central server and a number of client workstations. Maintenance takes a lot of resources that are out of the organization's core functions.
    Solution: We move the data in the Oracle database and build a web application based on that data.