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Oracle Autonomous Database
The best and most secure database on the market
Updated 24.1.2024

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Autonominen tietokanta
Oracle's unique Autonomous database eliminates the need for manual maintenance at all.
Autonomous database
Oracle's hugely successful Autonomous database is a key part of our company's operations -- not forgetting the Oracle Apex low-code included in it application developer. The database works both in the cloud and on the local network. It eliminates the complexity of database management. The database is maintained artificial intelligence.
Oracle's autonomous database has deservedly received positive feedback, e.g. the famous Forrester research institute rated as a database manager in the second quarter of 2023 "Leader in The Forrester Wave™". Among the autonomous database competitors, we value Microsoft Azure, which, however, remains clearly second in the comparison of the leading research institute Gartner.
According to the agreement signed by Oracle and Microsoft the companies' databases operate in the cloud service of both companies. In other words, if the company has Microsoft Azure cloud service, there can migrate Oracle's Autonomous database, which can also use shared data stores.
The Autonomous database will take a long leap into the future in the first half of 2024. The Autonomous database of 2024 combines general artificial intelligence with the one that manages the company's internal information. The result is a unique artificial intelligence technology which, unlike similar solutions from competitors, also uses the company's own data warehouses as a data source in the surveys.
But what makes Oracle's offering and Diant's software even more attractive? The prices are really affordable compared to competitors. The "Always Free" version of the database is even completely free up to a certain limit. It is suitable for trial use and small business data processing.
Even in paid versions, Oracle enables competitive usage-based prices without, that you have to compromise on quality or performance. This means that you can achieve your business goals with our software efficiently and at the same time keep costs under control.
We are very happy to present our data processing solutions containing new innovations. We are just waiting for your contact.
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