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We know Oracle tools


We live in a historically wonderful time. Artificial intelligence (generative AI) can write novels and give quick answers very well to complex questions. -- However, artificial intelligences do not provide information intended for internal company use. That is, the information whose smooth management is absolutely essential for the company. ​
Now this is also possible! In our Oracle database, unlike our competitors, generative AI is harnessed to use both internet and own company's data warehouses. Well-formed answers will appear in seconds. It is truly indescribable!
We will tell more now and in the future on these pages how we integrate this amazing technology into Focus on our software. Stay tuned!


Based on Oracle cloud and web technology


Focusa software
Two examples of our software in production use



Superior technology
Technologies where we are clearly ahead of our competitors  


Customer experiences
Are positive


Aptepa Oy has used Focusa measurement software e.g. for analyzing the measurement results of cleanrooms.
"Oy Dianti Ab has always implemented all the customizations and updates we have presented to the applications we ordered quickly and in the way we wanted. The programs have also worked perfectly."
Mikko Pekkanen Managing Director, Aptepa Oy


Focusa asiakkuudenhallintaohjelmisto
Vihdin Kuumasinkitys Oy chose Focusa CMR because of its mailing system and Netvisor interface. The picture shows a galvanized bridge structure.
Vihdin Kuumasinkitys Oy is a large Finnish company in the metal industry. In December 2023, the company has chosen Focusa CRM as its customer management software. The selection criteria were the software interface (REST) to the Netvisor financial software and Focusa CRM's reliable mass mailing software.


Focusa CRM _____________________________
"Inoi Oy has been using Oy Dianti Ab's Focusa service for several years for managing projects and monitoring working hours and working hours. Diant's customizations thanks to this, we have been able to adapt Focusa's functions to match our processes and working methods well. The Focusa service has worked reliably and we are satisfied with the quality and speed of Diant's support services."
Matti Leppänen Managing director, Inoi Oy


Focusa renting .
City of Salo, which grew due to municipal mergers, has been using Focusa rental software for several years.
"The extensive rental management system built for us by Oy Dianti Ab has been working well for more than ten years. All that the new functionalities we ordered, such as, in addition to external rentals, also the invoicing functionalities for space rentals within the city of Salo and internal cleaning services, have been completed according to the schedule and functioned flawlessly in the way we wanted.
What makes the system special is its ability to search for necessary tenant, room and land area objects directly from the database of the Trimble Locus system, and transmit Rondo R8-format invoicing materials to Sarastia's invoicing system."
Reijo Hyytiäinen IT manager (retired in 2023), city of Salo

Vistan Pesula

Focusa laundry software has been refined into a reliable work tool during several years of production use in a large laundry
"For several years, we have been using the software developed by Oy Dianti Ab for the production use of the washing process. I can sincerely recommend the app, because it's good and usable, fit-for-purpose, mature software."
Jari Mäkeläinen Managing director, Vistan Pesula Oy